About Flat Daddies

Is a cardboard cutout really a good substitute for a deployed parent?

Experts believe the cutouts are a useful device, especially for children, to help cope with the stress of long absences. It helps the family stay connected and is a constant reminder that even though mom or dad is thousands of miles away, they are still a part of their lives.

How much does a Flat Daddy cost?

Each Flat Daddy is $49.50 and includes shipping.

Can I get a free Flat Daddy if I cannot afford to buy one?

Due to the generous support from our partners and donors, sometimes Flat Daddies are available at no charge to military service members' families. These free Flat Daddies are only available when funds are available. Applications for free Flat Daddies are collected and filled in the order in which they are received, and upon verification of the application information (one "free" per household). If you can afford to buy a Flat Daddy on your own, please do. If you are not able to purchase a Flat Daddy for your family, and would like to apply for a "free" Flat Daddy please complete this online application form.

When I give a Flat Daddy anonymously, will I know who receives it?

We make Flat Daddy gifts available in the order in which they were received. We encourage Flat Daddy recipients to reply to us via email with a thank you note and photos. If/when we receive these messages we try to get the communication back to the donor. We keep the name confidential unless the recipient chooses to include it in their message.

Is my donation or gift tax deductible?

SFC Graphics, the company behind, accepts contributions and facilitates gift giving. The company is not a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation or gift of Flat Daddies is not tax deductible. 100% of the donations and contributions are used to cover the costs of providing, producing and distributing Flat Daddies to military families across the U.S. and around the world.

Can I send a check as a donation?

Yes you can. However, online giving is the preferred method as it is more efficient and direct. Checks can be mailed to SFC Graphics, P.O. Box 877, Toledo Ohio 43697. Please include Flat Daddies on the memo line of the check.

Taking and Selecting a Photo

Does the photo need to be in uniform?

It is best for the photo to be taken in uniform, but we understand that you might not have a good quality photo of your loved one in uniform.

Do I need to send a full body photo?

No. A photo that is waist and up is preferable. The Flat Daddy is printed life size, waist and up.

Does the photo need to be of my loved one alone or can you crop him out?

It is best if the photo is of your loved one alone, but we are able to crop the photo if there are others in it.

How big is a Flat Daddy?

The material is 26" x 36", but the actual printed image may vary depending on the size of the photo provided.

After Your Order is Submitted

Will I receive a confirmation after I submit my order?

Yes. After your order is submitted, you will receive an email confirming that we received your order. Then after your photo is reviewed, you will receive another email to confirm if it is approved to print.

When Your Flat Daddy Arrives

When I get my Flat Daddy, will it be mounted to a board and cut out?

No. The Flat Daddy is printed on an adhesive back material. You can leave the photo as is, or you and your family can peel the backing off and stick your Flat Daddy to a board (cardboard, foam core, etc.) and cut it out with a sharp knife. Click here for instructions.


If you have additional questions, please email