Flat Daddies show up in numerous places and family events. As a way to help those with a common desire to connect with their loved ones, we offer this web space to share how Flat Moms and Dads participate in the lives of those who care to share.

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Our flat daddy was a great way to celebrate Father's Day during my husband's 15 month deployment. We all love seeing him everyday and it has been wonderful for our baby to be able to recognize his Daddy's face. Our flat daddy has been an amazing tool to help us cope with the separation. Thank you!

Melissa Brooker

tennille inman

My baby absolutely loves her flat daddy she runs around playing with it and every time it's in front of her she gives it kisses..I think it'll help a lot when he gets home because it's life size, before he came home for R&R I just had a small picture but with this she see's his face more clear she also puts head bands and all that on him...I love it too, this was probably one of the best in things someone has ever made thank you so much...........

Junella Smith

Our flatdaddy is priceless! It came shortly after my husband left from his 2 weeks R&R and our 5 month old boy talks and kisses his flatdaddy! I really do beleive he knows who he is now! Thank you and your sponsors for our flattdaddy!

Kate & TJ Gleason

We just wanted to thank you for your kindnes the flat daddy you sent us was the best christmas gift ever my baby just turn two today and because of you he was abble to recognize his daddy. He always kisses the picture and stares at it at times. our 9 year old loves it. It makes him feel closer to Daddy thank you for the perfect Christmas gift, Sincerly, The Quillopos family

Astrid Quillopo