Flat Daddies show up in numerous places and family events. As a way to help those with a common desire to connect with their loved ones, we offer this web space to share how Flat Moms and Dads participate in the lives of those who care to share.

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I received this Flat Daddy as a surprise gift!!! I didn't know what it could be when I opened it and when I saw my sweet husband I laughed, I was like going to a good movie! I put him right by my side of the bed so I can see him at night and when I wake up in the morning. All we have is each other, so thank you a thousand times for bringing him closer to home. Thank you, thank you, and bless you.

Elizabeth Hanafin, ARMY Wife

Our boys, Carter 5, Jackson 3 and Lincoln 1, LOVE their FLAT DADDY!! They are so excited to have him "there". He plays Legos, watches movies, attends Tee-Ball games, birthday parties, holiday parties, and pre-school graduation. We take pictures of flat daddy and all of the places he has been and put them in an album to show "real daddy" when he returns from Afghanistan. The boys are so young and have a difficult time understanding why daddy is away for so long but having flat daddy "watch" them has been priceless. It has been most beneficial for our 1 year-old who was 7 months when his daddy deployed. He will be almost 2 when my husband returns and at least he will "know" his daddy. Every night they give him kisses and and hear their daddy's voice when they each press their bear's paw from Build A Bear with daddy wishing them goodnight and I love you. Thanks for helping my children cope with the deployment.


I have 4 small daughters and my husband has been overseas for 8 months now. Before we received our flat daddy my smallest daughter would wander around the house calling for her daddy. Now she has a place where she can "sit" with daddy. All the girls will sit by the picture or give it a kiss but its used the most by my 2 yr old. Thank you so much. Our flat daddy has been such a blessing during this hard time.

Kimberly Jones

Our Flat Daddy goes everywhere with us! Christmas, out to dinner, movies, sledding, anywhere we go. My husband gets a kick to see all the places that Flat Daddy will go! This has been a great comfort to our kids. Thank you so much!!!


My husband is deployed to Iraq and I ordered a Flat Daddy to keep him alive in the hearts of my young children, especially my 1 year old. Whenever he sees Flat Daddy, he still says "Da-da" so it must be working! Flat Daddy has had several outings, which the kids love, and here is one of a trip to a local parade...

Katie Hanna