Flat Daddies show up in numerous places and family events. As a way to help those with a common desire to connect with their loved ones, we offer this web space to share how Flat Moms and Dads participate in the lives of those who care to share.

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What a great idea!! My 17 month old little girl loves it and I do I! She plays with him in her room, gives him kisses, and walks around with him saying "daddy". My husband was so afraid that she was going to forget him during his deployment but Its things like this that give a little bit of peace at mind to the parent who is deployed. Thank you so much for such a wonderful idea.



Our flat daddy arrived today, Christmas Eve. My kids knew he was coming, and were excited about his impending arrival. But, I didn't know he would have such an impact on them. My 8 year old daughter told flat daddy that she loved him before I could get flat daddy totally unrolled. My 5 year old was so excited that daddy would be home to watch her open presents for Christmas. My 2 year old son keeps saying, "Hi, Daddy. I love you, Daddy." to the flat daddy. We have a new baby who doesn't know her daddy. This will be a way for her to know her daddy before he comes home. This is our 4th combat deployment, and we have many mechanisms for coping in place. But, I think flat daddy will be our best way yet to deal with daddy being gone. Thank you.


My little boy was so excited to see his daddies big picture! He kissed it all night and insisted on daddy sitting on the couch to watch TV with him. It has been so great for him to see his daddy and everyone who has seen the pictures doesn't know whether to cry or smile. Thanks so much Flat Daddies!


We just got our Flat Daddy 4 days ago and already have taken over 50 pictures of "him" doing fun activities with our family. Our 4 kids and their friends have really enjoyed getting to "hang out" with our Flat Daddy. Thank you so much!

Stephanie Camenisch, Navy Wife

We received our Flat Daddy back in July. My kids and I were so excited to get it. We took him on many adventures including out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, Applebee's, Bob Evans, and Don Pablos (for his birthday), to the Toledo Zoo, and to a family reunion. He rode in the front seat of the van with his seatbelt on all the way from Georgia to Ohio. I get so many comments on it and many people ask where they can get their own. I also get lots of strange looks but it is all worth it to have "daddy" with us through this difficult time. Our Flat Daddy had so many adventures this summer that he got pretty bent up. Now he sits in the front seat of the van at all times. I love driving through the gates on post and getting the MPs to do a double take. One lady asked for his ID. I joked that I didnt think he brought his wallet with him. I just love having it so much so that I ordered a new one to have for holiday pictures. I didnt tell my kids we were getting a new one so they will be very excited when it arrives. I can not thank enough for offering such a great program for families of deployed soldiers. I love that my kids ages 6, 5, 3, 2 and 1 can have their dad around even while he is on the other side of the world. My 2 and 1 year olds will be able to recognize daddy when he comes home and that is a gift that is priceless. Thank you and I hope you like the picture of our Flat Daddy on one of his adventures.

Brianna Whitehead