Flat Daddies show up in numerous places and family events. As a way to help those with a common desire to connect with their loved ones, we offer this web space to share how Flat Moms and Dads participate in the lives of those who care to share.

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I just want to say thank you so much for our flat daddy! The Moment I unrolled him my 2 year old started touching his face and saying "Dae" (Daddy). She keeps trying to talk to him & give him toys. My other two children are just amazed at how big the picture is. But It will definitely help to remind the girls who he is, for when he comes home. Think every child of the armed forces should have one of these! Photo was also very clear and really good quality.


We love our flatdaddy. I got him the month he deployed. We take him everywhere w/us and i do mean everywhere: the store, the mall, church, restaurants, He even made an apperance at his brothers wedding. I get stoped all the time, and ask where i got it. My daughter loves her flatdaddy, she dances w/him, kisses him, talks to him, sings w/him. It has been a great blessing to have him. Thank you so much!!! God Bless This pic is of us on 4th of July. Sitting in the same spot we sat in last yr. w/daddy.

Teresa Ruiz

This was my son's (1 1/2 yrs) first deployment and my second. We moved to stay with my mom (who is also in the military) until my husband returns and every time i would pick my mother up he would see other dark skin men and call them dada until he actually saw their faces. So when i heard about flat daddies i just had to get him one. When it finally came i posted it to some foam board and cut out his dad's shape and he was so happy he gave his flat dada loads of kisses :) Thanks Flat Daddies!!



muchas gracias por este hermoso flat daddies. Mis hijas estan super emocionadas. Ahora si tengo mas herramientas para enfrentar este deploy con mas fuerzas y enfocadas en darle apoyo a mis hijas y sobretodo a mi esposo! Dios bendiga a cada uno de ustedes por tan maravillosa labor! thank you very much for this beautiful flat daddies. My kids are super excited. Now if I have more tools to deal with this deploy more forces and focused on giving support to my daughters and especially my husband! God bless each of you for a wonderful job!

Doris Guzman


My husband just left for Iraq for the second time and I have my ups and downs but my way of dealing with it is prayer. I have a 15 year old step son who lives in Florida. My husband and I were trying to have a child together but we have had difficulties and then he had to leave so that makes it hard. I try to be strong for him because I do not want him to have to worry too much while he is gone. We have only been married for 4 years and in that time, 2006, was the first full year we have had together. Many people ask me how I get through and I tell them God, My Family and My Husband. Otherwise I would be pulling my hair out. During the time of his deployment I do not watch the News nor do I read articles in the paper or on the computer because I do not think that I could cope the way that I do not knowing. I thank everyone who supports the Soldiers and their families, without you guys and gals we wouldn't make it. I always tell my husband before our conversation ends: That I Love Him, I Miss Him and To Be Safe, and I let him know that he is My Bestfriend, My Soulmate And My Hero. Thank you for letting me share my story.....

Eunice Aiken