Flat Daddies show up in numerous places and family events. As a way to help those with a common desire to connect with their loved ones, we offer this web space to share how Flat Moms and Dads participate in the lives of those who care to share.

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My 1 year old is a total daddies girl and when we found out he was going on deployment I had to do something. She doesn't do well when her daddy is gone. So I got a Flat Daddy and she LOVES it. She gets to tell her daddy goodnight every night and gives him hugs and kisses. The smile on her face is priceless. I can't thank the makers and sponsors and the people that donate to Flat Daddies enough. Flat Daddies have allowed my daughter to love and see her daddy every day even though he is not able to be here! Thank you so much!!



We received our flat daddy yesterday! Thankyou so much to whom ever it was that donated it to us. Since its arrival my son will not leave his "daddy" alone. He woke up this morning crawled out of bed, walked over to him saying hi daddy and gave him the biggest kiss!!! Although we get to skype and see real daddy, flat daddy is a way for my son to get to give him cuddles and kisses. Flat Daddies are definitely a great help and a brilliant idea!!! Again thank you for my donation, I am very grateful.

Karen Nelson

My daughter loves seeing her daddy, even though it's not the real him. Our daughter is 9 months old, and with her daddy being oversea's she didn't really know who he was besides from pictures. Well now that we have our flat daddy she can walk up to him and touch him. My heart melts everytime she waves at the flat daddy, and says "Dada" then opens her mouth real big, and gives him kisses. Thank you for our Flat Daddy. We wouldn't be able to get through this if it wasn't for the flat daddy.

Brandi Lipinski

Thanks Flat Daddies for helping to make our Christmas a little more merry and bright. My girls loved having their dad "with" them for the holidays! My husband has been gone on a deployment since May and having the Flat Daddy has helped my little girls, 5 and 8, feel a little more connected to him. We talk to him, have him eat dinner with us, and he "watched" as the girls opened their presents on Christmas day. Thank you so very much!!!


My husband will be home in two months after a year-long deployment and this is the best Christmas present you could have given my daughter. She loves it! Thank you so much!!

Rocio VanHouten