Flat Daddies show up in numerous places and family events. As a way to help those with a common desire to connect with their loved ones, we offer this web space to share how Flat Moms and Dads participate in the lives of those who care to share.

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We ordered our flat daddy for my 19 month old daughter. My husband deployed when she was 9 months old and will not be home until she is 23 months old. Having the flat daddy helps show my daughter that her daddy is with us if only in pictures and memories for now. She will go every morning and kiss one of his pictures. The flat daddy will help my daughter not to be as scared when daddy really comes home.

Sara Holcomb

I couldn't thank you enough for our free flat daddy. My daughter was a week and a half when he left. She'll be one next month and he still wont be home for another three months. Knowing he was going to be gone for the first year of her life this was such a great idea to help her recognize him. She is always going up to the poster and saying "Dada" and giving her daddy kisses. We ask her where daddy is and she looks for the poster. I joke with my husband that she's going to be shocked to find out he's a real live person! Haha. Again, thank you so much. This was such a wonderful gift and it means a lot to me!!!

Kelli Jenkins

My husband came home for R&R to watch our daughter's birth, but had to leave the day after. The flat daddy gives her a chance to get to "know" him before he returns home!

Erin Picado

My kids love their flat daddy, it has really helped them deal with their daddy's deployment. They say goodnight to him every night. They set him up and he watches tv with them. Thank you so much for a great idea that has helped so many kids.

Jessica Neil

When i heard about Flat Daddies i was so shocked to see what it daughter at the time we got it was 6 years old...with daddy gone on a long deployment she missed him more than anything in the world...i told her we could take him everywhere and she told me " mommy i want to keep daddy in my room", i ask her why? " " she told me" because daddy can play with me and watch movies and kiss me goodnight everynight" Everytime she thought about her daddy she would climb up her wall and give him a kiss it was the sweetest thing i had ever seen...even if she had a secret to tell him she would walk up to it and tell daddy her secret or tell him what she did that day or where she went or who she played with...having the flat daddy made my daughter so happy in knowing that even though daddy was far away it was right at home with her whenever she needed him the my daughter is 8 years old and she still has flat daddy on her wall...she still gives him kisses at night (even though daddy is home), but i have never seen her more happier...its her favorite poster in her room and she wouldnt give it up for anything...she asked me recently " will i have it when im older?" i told her" yes you will have it forever", because having her daddy home or away she is always daddy's little girl...and its a bond that they share and always will...

Kathy Gilbert